Euroalagón is your partner for quality and productivity.

The link that adds value to your supply chain. A dynamic view of the automotive sector and the principle of total quality applied enthusiastically to each project, with the advantages of an SME and the strength of an established business.

Quality services

  • Quality control – Selection and reworking
  • Quality link – Resident engineers
  • Advanced containment actions in the automotive sector
  • Retrofit of parts
  • Final inspection of vehicles (Care)
  • Quality Support and management of suppliers in China

Assembly of sub-assemblies

  • Outsourcing of assemblies and pre-assemblies
  • Full project management; procurement, assembly, quality management, guarantees and logistics

Other areas

  • Buffer warehouse with high quality support, transfer and packaging
  • Monitoring of moulds and dies
  • Analysis and improvement of the capacity of the processes
  • Industrial cleaning.

Quality is our past and our present.

What is the origin of our quality?

  • Experience

    • – In the automotive sector since 1989
    • – In the energy sector since 2008

  • Qualified staff

    • – Experienced, specialised. On average our staff have been with us for 8 years (data to July 2021)
    • – Low staff turnover
    • – High motivation

  • Availability

    • – Minimum response time
    • – Maximum flexibility and adaptability

  • Global service

    • – Spain
    • – France
    • – Germany
    • – China